Making Music, as a life choice is a difficult profession, however with support anything is possible.”

— sam mcc

BIO - theBlueShamrocks

Our music wants to make me - Tap Those Toes 

Brisbane-based band theBlueShamrocks Country Music Band, have a traditional-sounding country music theme which combines elements of jive, waltz and line dance country music. 

Following on from their debut album, TTT-Tap Those Toes, now with 1million plus plays on Spotify,  theBlueShamrocks new original series of singles are being released from an album, NTSH Nothing To See Here, within the song’s lyrics offer a buoyant and joyous celebration, of music and dance, which leads to excellent musicianship from the various skilled musicians who deliver the vibrance to these highly rated songs.

Exploring various themes, where with dreamy thought's which may relate to any part of daily life, the songs are sprinkled with fun, optimism and storyline generosity, tracks that are sure to attract many discerning music lovers across the globe.

theBlueShamrocks Band features ageless musical performances, including brilliant evocative violin passages and a toe tapping rhythmic grooves, that reflects the openness of this acute life.

theBlueShamrocks music is produced by Brisbane producer James North, with its unmistakeable universal appeal, is a sort of upbeat sound that feels charming and robust when set against today’s various music styles

Lyrics written by Sam McCaughey, Marion McCaughey and James McCaughey.  

theBlueShamrocks band members range from genres of various music styles inclusive of country muisc, rock, orchestral and jazz music scenes, their experience is featured within the BIO – Press Kit section below. 

This is a little insight into theBlueShamrocks band

Regards saM

Bio - Pete Novak

Bass Guitar- Double Bass

Pete specialises in playing the following instruments of electric bass guitar, double bass and acoustic guitar.

Pete’s playing career covers genres, Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Country Music, Irish music, Australiana and Rock Music.

Working and touring with many Australian and international artists over the years performing in numerous major festivals and events within Australia, New Zealand and the USA performing at the following events – 

Wintersun Festivals,

Cooly Rocks Festival,

Tamworth Country Music Festival,

Gympie Country Music Festival,

Viva Surface Paradise Elvis Festival, 

Norfolk Island R/R Festival,

Memphis USA Elvis 40th Anniversary Festival 2017,

Parks Elvis Festival,

To name a few of the events, where Pete has used his musical talent over the years. 

Bio - John Sargent

Acoustic Guitar

John brings over 50 years’ experience playing in many genres.

Most recently he has completed a Diploma of Jazz Performance at JMI (Jazz Music Institute).

John has toured and played guitar with some memorable names during past Australian tours with Del Shannon and The Platters, shared the same stage as Splitz Ends as the crowd warm up band. 

Other bands that he has played in recently include blues band Duck for Cover, Jazz quartet Ain’t Behavin’

And Mango Jam Big Band before being part of theBlueShamrocks band.

Bio - Brayden Hughes

Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Brayden adds a vibrant lead / rhythm guitar application to theBlueShamrocks tunes, with a friendly professional team approach to meet the requirements of these tunes.

Bio - Licie Martin


Licie Martin Ferroz comes from Brazil and has a bachelor’s degree in Music Education.

Licie has practised the violin since the age of 9 and has many years of experience playing in different Brazilian Orchestras.

As a music educator she carries 13 years of experience working with students in her home country and now Brisbane. Licie started her career in 2006, as an early childhood music educator. After four years Licie got a an opportunity teaching violin for two different social projects. After that, she relocated and opened her own music school , which still are operational in Brazil. Licie moved to Brisbane in October 2019, during Licie's time in Australia, Licie tutors Violin Lessons at Browning Street Studios and  Mind Melodies in Jimboomba.

theBlueShamrock's has been Licie's first opportunity to play in a country music band which has been an amazing experience!

Bio - Peter Hanna Medvedev

Accordionist & Pianist

Peter has performed with numerous bands, orchestras and as a soloist artist over the years where performances have taken place in numerous Brisbane and Gold Coast locations.


Peters performances include playing within the following venues and artists,

Soloist accordionist in a 40-piece orchestra in a variety concert afternoon at the museum auditorium 2003.

John McSweeney, Country Music Artist.

Greg Doolan Wickety Wack duo on the Gold Coast.

Johnny Norris TV Show.

Vision band, which were the regular feature band at Lennon’s Hotel in the 80’s.

Ol Memphis, Rock & Roll band.

Dave Clayton, solo entertainer.

Ray Gibson, Blues and Swing band

Dean Vegas, No1 Elvis tribute band.


Peter also played as the resident house musician at various times in many of Brisbane’s landmark hotels and clubs, inclusive of Lennon’s, Spring Hill Hotel.

Resident Saturday night pianist at Twin Towns Services on the coast.


Peter brings a wealth of accordion knowledge and skill to theBlueShamrocks where his accordion skills are professionally demonstrated.


Bio - Kathleen Meakin


Blending sass, her chameleon ability to switch between genres and her pure soaring vocals, Kathleen is a popular choice for appreciative audiences across Australia. A graduate with a Bachelor of Music from QUT, Kathleen Meakin is a professional singer, songwriter, vocal coach and businesswoman.

Performing since the young age of six, Kathleen has now sung and danced her way into performing regularly as a fully-fledged member of Queensland’s music industry. She has regularly performed the role of ABBA’s Agnetha nationally and her versatility allows her to showcase her voice as a wedding singer, backing vocalist and star in other tribute shows.

Kathleen’s national and international performance experiences include the Brisbane Entertainment Centre; Opening Ceremony of the Goodwill Games; Malaysian tour to Kuala Lumpur, the Sydney Opera House and backing vocalist for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ Brisbane Concert on The River Stage. Most recently Kathleen was the lead role as Agnetha in ABBATASTIC the ABBA tribute show on the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship 2013 Cruise and Groove touring internationally to Isle of Pines and Noumea. Kathleen was lucky enough to be one of the performers along side The Village People (USA), Glenn Leonard’s Temptations Revue (USA), The Former Ladies of the Supremes (USA), Marcia Hines, Leo Sayer and John Paul Young!

As well as completing her Bachelor of Music, Kathleen has recently completed her Graduate Certificate of Music Studies majoring in Vocal Pedagogy. Kathleen is always looking forward to new creative opportunities, putting lots of her incredible energy into developing the talents of the students she teaches at Downtown Creative Studios.


Bio - Sam Mccaughey


Sam moved from Ireland to Australia in the 80’s, employment initially was within regional Australia, relocating to Brisbane in 2011, musical opportunities became available with the creation of the country music band theBlueShamrocks. 

theBlueShamrocks are Brisbane City based, have evolved to a band of talented musicians. Sam is the lead vocals with theBlueShamrocks

2017 – theBlueShamrocks created their debut album - “TTT-Tap Those Toes”, delivers a musical presentation of jive, waltz, line dance style music with a little rock beat thrown in here and there.  

2020 - theBlueShamrocks have recorded an album of original tracks, recording videos, rehearsing and preparing our songs for upcoming musical releases. 

Album is titled, “NTSH-Nothin’ to See Here”, to be released as a series of singles. Each and every original tune creates its own story from various walks of life. 

Lyrics have been written by Sam McCaughey, with songs from Marion McCaughey and  James McCaughey.

Music has been created for both albums by James North productions.

Song Covers