Making Music, as a life choice is a difficult profession, however with support anything is possible.”

— sam mcc

BIO - theBlueShamrocks

Our music wants to make me - Tap Those Toes 

 Brisbane-based six-piece band theBlueShamrocks have a traditional-sounding country music element which combines elements of jive, waltz and linedance country music. 

Following on from their debut album TTT-Tap Those Toes in 2017, theBlueShamrocks new original series of singles debut release in September 2020 from an album NTSH Nothing To See Here, with powerful emotionally charged melodies and a seductively joyous classic feel.  

Exploring various themes, where with a dreamy thought could relate to any part of daily life, the tunes are sprinkled with fun, optimism and generosity, tracks that are sure to attract many discerning music lovers across the globe.  

Produced by Brisbane producer James North Through The Years, with its unmistakeable universal appeal, is a sort of a wholesome shot of yesteryear that feels quite charming and robust when set against today’s doomsday climate.   

Lyrics written by Sam McCaughey, Marion McCaughey and brother James McCaughey.  

theBlueShamrocks band members backgrounds range from genres of various music styles inclusive off country, rock, orchestral and jazz music scenes, their experience is featured within the BIO – Press Kit section below. 

This is a little insight into theBlueShamrocks band

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Through The Years New Release Sept2020

Bio - Geoff Schuh

After playing in pop bands in Bundaberg for 4 years, Geoff honed his drumming skills with Brisbane’s legendary drum teacher Harry Lebler in the early 70's.  

Geoff had his own room at Harry’s drumming school located at 31 Mary Street, while playing with bands like Nemesis and Shades of Gold.

Geoff then spent several years drumming in England and Europe in the mid 70’s and mid 80’s, playing with the Billy Walsh Showband and The Kaye Brothers Flying Circus.

Billy Walsh, originally from Cork, led his professional band which played everything from strict tempo old time dance music, through Country, Jazz, Blues, Soul and the latest pop charts nailing all the diverse genres. 

The Kaye Brothers Flying Circus played Bluegrass/Rock, reported in London’s music press as Britain’s answer to the Charlie Daniels Band. The band featured George Kaye on fiddle, guitar and vocals with his brother Thadeus on lead guitar and vocals, plus Angela Kaye on bass guitar and harmony vocals.

 On returning to Australia Geoff has featured with bands such as Sounds Untold, East Coast Reunion, No Mean Feat, Wizards of Oz and Live Wire and has recorded tracks at the Mothar Mountain Music recording studios Gympie, with identities like Lee Conway.

Bio - Pete Novak

Pete specialises in playing the following instruments of electric bass guitar, double bass and acoustic guitar.

Pete’s playing career covers genres, Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Country Music, Irish music, Australiana and Rock Music.

Working and touring with many Australian and international artists over the years performing in numerous major festivals and events within Australia, New Zealand and the USA performing at the following events – 

Wintersun Festivals,

Cooly Rocks Festival,

Tamworth Country Music Festival,

Gympie Country Music Festival,

Viva Surface Paradise Elvis Festival, 

Norfolk Island R/R Festival,

Memphis USA Elvis 40th Anniversary Festival 2017,

Parks Elvis Festival,

To name a few of the events, where Pete has used his musical talent over the years. 

Bio - Chris Gordon

Chris began classical guitar lessons at an early age. He has a Licentiate Diploma from Trinity College London and an MA (Music) from Monash University. 

Chris has been a freelance music teacher/guitarist for the last thirty years. He began his musical path in Melbourne. He performed in numerous bands and ensembles and did session work for Crawford Productions.  Chris also was a music teacher at a number of Melbourne’s leading private schools. 

In 1997 he relocated to Hong Kong. During his 15 years in the city Chris was actively engaged in the music scene in classical/jazz and pop styles including both solo and ensemble performances.  He performed in many of the major musical theatre productions, as well as significant Canto/Pop performances and ceremonial concerts at Government House. Chris was also employed by the English Schools Foundation as a music tutor. 

In London from 2004-7 Chris worked at a number of private schools as well as being employed in the house band of the P&O cruise ship Aurora based in Southampton. 

Chris has been back in Brisbane for almost four years and is enjoying life and music down under.

Bio - Peter Hanna Medvedev Accordionist & Pianoiests

Peter has performed with numerous bands, orchestras and as a soloist artist over the years where performances have taken place in numerous Brisbane and Gold Coast locations.


Peters performances include playing within the following venues and artists,

Soloist accordionist in a 40-piece orchestra in a variety concert afternoon at the museum auditorium 2003.

John McSweeney, Country Music Artist.

Greg Doolan Wickety Wack duo on the Gold Coast.

Johnny Norris TV Show.

Vision band, which were the regular feature band at Lennon’s Hotel in the 80’s.

Ol Memphis, Rock & Roll band.

Dave Clayton, solo entertainer.

Ray Gibson, Blues and Swing band

Dean Vegas, No1 Elvis tribute band.


Peter also played as the resident house musician at various times in many of Brisbane’s landmark hotels and clubs, inclusive of Lennon’s, Spring Hill Hotel.

Resident Saturday night pianist at Twin Towns Services on the coast.


Peter brings a wealth of accordion knowledge and skill to theBlueShamrocks where his accordion skills are professionally demonstrated.


Bio - Sarah Ryan

Sarah Ryan graduated from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Music Performance with honours in the early 90’s. Sarah was involved in her early years with the WA Youth Orchestra and Sarah’s final year with the WA Youth Orchestra had the honour as concert master. 


At 19 years old, Sarah auditioned and was accepted into the WA Symphony Orchestra.


Sarah has been a professional violinist for the past 28 years, playing in the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Perth Symphony Orchestra, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, most recently with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, QLD Pops and the QLD Festival Orchestra between the years of 2016-2018 Sarah was concert master for the Brisbane City Pops Orchestra.

Along the way Sarah has performed in backing bands for artists such as Shirley Bassey, Harry Connick Junior, The 3 Tenors, John Farnham and Missy Higgins.


Sarah loves to be involved with music education and teaching the art of performance to young upcoming musicians, as well as being a freelance violinist, she teaches at Somerville House and operates her own private music studio.

Bio - Sam Mccaughey

Sam moved from Ireland to Australia in the 80’s, employment initially was within regional Australia, relocating to Brisbane in 2011, musical opportunities became available with the creation of the country music band theBlueShamrocks. 

theBlueShamrocks are Brisbane City based, have evolved to a six-piece band of talented musicians. Sam is the lead vocals with theBlueShamrocks

2017 – theBlueShamrocks created their debut album - “TTT-Tap Those Toes”, delivers a musical presentation of jive, waltz, line dance style music with a little rock beat thrown in here and there.  

2020 - theBlueShamrocks have recorded an album of original tracks, recording videos, rehearsing and preparing our songs for upcoming musical releases. 

Album is titled, “NTSH-Nothin’ to See Here”, to be released as a series of singles. Each and every original tune creates its own story from various walks of life. 

Lyrics have been written by Sam McCaughey, with songs from Marion McCaughey and brother James McCaughey.

Music has been created for both albums by James North productions.

Thank you Sam. you really play good music I like your version of Blowing in the wind . Have a great day. ” - Frank

— Country Radio Gilsdorf - 94.7FM Luxembourg/Europe

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