theBlueShamrocks at The Old Museum - Bowen Hills 

02.07.2022 - theBlueShamrocks had a performance at The Old Museum, where we played for 2 hours of good old country music, themed with good stories, all fun jive and waltz tunes.

Members of the audience were able to have a dance, or just a good old toe tapping time.

The night was a success check out our events page for our next performances, come along, enjoy the music.



Country Music - Gypsy Time Release 10/12/2029 

Check out our new single Gypsy Time, available only from theBlueShamrocks web page, released to radio on the 10/12/2020, we are looking forward to the response from radio stations both in Australia and overseas, thanks to everyone for their support

Best Wishes saM.

Through The Years - New Original Country Music 28/09/2020 

theBlueShamrocks  - We did a swoopsy,  we substituted "Through The Years" for "My No1 Song"   which has been released this week, debuted at No7 on the AMRAP Regional charts, this is the first of our original music releases, regards writing, recording and promoting our own original music, where hopefully tunes can get some serious airplay. This is the first of a series of unreleased original music, good start.
Best Wishes saM

What Colour is the Wind - Single Release 29/1/2020 

theBlueShamrocks - "What Colour is the Wind"  released as a single today 29/01/2020, which is about a little girl who is going blind, see's the world in colour form for her fathers descriptions, I hope you enjoy.

New original singles will be released in 2020

As we work towards live performances, use the PURCHASE section of to support our efforts working towards public appearances, follow us on Facebook for updates, play our original tunes on Spotify. Sincere thanks for the purchases Over the last few weeks.

Best Wishes saM


theBlueShamrocks Progression 14/01/2020 

theBlueShamrocks - band are working their way towards stage performances, with this energetic crew all keen to provide world class quality music, nothing can go wrong, as in my new original unreleased tune -  "My Number 1 Song" theBlueShamrocks are alive

Best Wishes saM

theBlueShamrocks Country Music Band - Brisbane  

theBlueShamrocks -  released a jive version of "Blowin' in the Wind" as a single in December 2019, new singles to follow in 2020, I am pleased to announce the formation of the full band, planning for upcoming events in 2020 for video recordings for new material release, live performances for both stage and festivals, please support us should you like our tunes, use the PURCHASE section of to support, our efforts working towards public appearances, follow us on Facebook for updates, play our original tunes on Spotify.

Best Wishes saM