Making Music, as a life choice is a difficult profession, however with support anything is possible.”

— sam mcc


 BIO for – 

Band: theBlueShamrocks 

Band owner: Sam McCaughey 

Band Manager: John Samuels 

Contact: 0477068524 



Born: Northern Ireland 

Moved to Australia: 1980 

Australian citizen: from 1985 

Resides: Brisbane Queensland. 

Work highlights: Worked as a refractory installer in Central Queensland before taking on management roles within the industry. 

Currently: Operates within Papua New Guinea as a contractor within the mining industry. 

Change opportunity: I resided in Gladstone region of Central Queensland, during 2013 changes to my work position offered a relocation to Brisbane, which allowed me to shift focus towards the music I would like to create and perform. 

Musical Influences: Through the years these are varied, from the early country years, of Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Dolly, Don Williams, etc, through to the rockers of the 80s & 90s, but one thing I always admired was the showbands in Ireland, mostly country style based, played for 2 hours straight, based on dance sets of jive and waltz style music. 

TheBlueShamrocks Band Formation: theBlueShamrocks were formed in 2016, after a couple of false starts, finally at the start of 2017 the band came together. 

Band Members: Based on 7 band members, lead singer (Sam McCaughey) drummer, bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, fiddle player & piano accordion player. 

Musicians are conservatorium trained musicians. 

The Album: named, Triple TTT – Tap Those Toes, I am pleased with the finished result, consists of 12 tracks. 

All album tracks have ISRC codes allocated.

The album was completed in Sept 2017, recorded at James North Productions in Brisbane. 

Three tracks are available from AMRAP.

Marketing: A consulting manager has now taken the role of marketing on behalf of theBlue Shamrocks. 

Album Feedback: Track no 7 “What Colour is the Wind” owned and performed by Charlie Landsborough, pre album I ask Charlie’s permission to do this tune, his reply, “go for your life see what you can do” Charlie called me from the UK, to express his appreciation of how I had presented this track, which was a delight for me to hear. 

At the time of writing December 2018, tracks from the album have been downloaded in numerous parts of the globe, a fan following is multiplying on digital radio stations, CD’s and digital downloads are available from 

The album is distributed via Tunecore, and is available via approx. 35 different digital download companies including, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 

Next album: plans are underway for another album, which will feature at least 6+ original tracks of which the lyrics to 4 have already been completed 

I hopes this gives a little insight to myself and theBlueShamrocks band, I am available for radio interviews, should there be any questions or additional information required please do not hesitate to ask. 

Please request a copy of the music if required.

Regards and best wishes, 

Sam McCaughey 

I just heard your version of Blowing in the Wind on our local radio (KLFM Bendigo). Great sound. How can I get a copy of that song (and perhaps some others). 
I spoke to the DJ and he told me it was sent to him electronically (Ian Nicholls at KLFM Bendigo).

 Gidday Sam, Many thanks for YOUR feedback, its always good to know we might be doing something right when we list a song or artist for airplay. Keep up the great work and keep KLFM on your radar. 

Cheers, Ian Nicholls. Nicko


Press Photos

Album Cover

Album Cover



Sam McCaughey

Sam McCaughey

Album - Triple TTT – Tap Those Toes. 

Track 1 - Was’nt That a Party - Jive Music - Recollections of the night before party, depends on the style of party, the fun, the things that go right, or sometimes wrong, the next day and then??? 

Track 2 - Blue Shamrock Ceili Band - Fast music – A band’s night out on stage, description of how the evening progresses, with a tuneful sell on their capabilities. 

Track 3 - Geraldine’s Thinking of Galway - Waltz – Emigration tune for people who left Ireland to locate work opportunities in other lands, with always the memories of home, this could apply to any nationality who travels for life experiences, find work, commitment, and struggle to find the funds to return home. 

Track 4 - Blowin’ in the Wind - Jive - classic tune by Bob Dylan, with a country feel, good sing along tune. 

Track 5The Best Part of the Day is the Night- Jive – Work gets in the way of the fun and partnership of home life. 

Track 6Life Is A River -Waltz - A man after 40+ years of marriage, lives through the loss of his wife, goes through the thoughts of life until he can meet again. 

Track 7What Colour is the Wind - Waltz - Life experiences of a vision impaired girl, where daily events simply, such as visualising, sky, sea, rain, flowers, birds, are described by her father, and she translates these to colours and feelings. 

Track 8Pay Me My Money Down -Jive – Originated from the Negro Stevedores working in the Georgia Sea Islands, first published in a book in 1942 by Lydia Parrish. 

Track 9The Day of my Return - Jive – Emigration tune, leave the home land for the USA, making good by what ever means, returning with some coin in the pocket. 

Track 10Sadie’s Got Her New Dress On -Jive – A mother of a young lady suggests that it is time to go to the local dance and try and find a husband. 

Track 11Take Me for a Little While - Dance – Young chap peruses a lady who is the love of his life, but there are always issues. 

Track 12Hangin’ Out Hangin’ In -  Jive – Same Bar, another night, few beers and a little slow on the dancing requests.

Track 1 - Feature Track - Was'nt That a Party