Making Music, as a life choice is a difficult profession, however with support anything is possible.”

— sam mcc


Brisbane-based country music band, theBlueShamrocks, are here to make you tap those toes!

Their traditional-sounding country music, combined with fun jive, waltz, and line dance elements, is sure to get you moving. Their latest single, "Gypsy Time," has been charting in Australia, and their follow-up single, "Through the Years," is set to be released in November.

In 2024, theBlueShamrocks have released their second album, "NTSH Nothing To See Here," which features original material that is buoyant, joyous, and full of energy. The album showcases the band's dedication to their music and their commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment.

The band's music is produced by Brisbane producer James North, and it has an unmistakable universal appeal. The upbeat sound is both charming and robust, and it stands out against the various music styles of today.

The members of theBlueShamrocks come from a variety of musical backgrounds, including country, rock, orchestral, and jazz. Their combined experience and talents create a unique and exciting sound that is sure to please fans of all genres.

Check out theBlueShamrocks today and get ready to tap those toes!


Performance Night

Sam McCaughey


Sam moved from Ireland to Australia in the 80’s, employment initially was within regional Australia, relocating to Brisbane in 2011, musical opportunities became available with the creation of the country music band theBlueShamrocks. 

theBlueShamrocks are Brisbane City based, have evolved to a band of talented musicians. Sam is the lead vocals with theBlueShamrocks

theBlueShamrocks created their debut album “TTT-Tap Those Toes”, delivers a musical presentation of jive, waltz, line dance style music with a little rock beat thrown in here and there.  

theBlueShamrocks have recorded an album of original tracks, music videos, rehearsing and preparing our songs for upcoming musical releases and performances. 

theBlueShamrocks latest album is titled, “NTSH-Nothin’ to See Here”, songs shall be released as a series of singles. Each and every original tune creates its own story from various walks of life. 

John Sargent

Bass Guitar

John brings over 50 years’ experience playing in many genres.

Most recently he has completed a Diploma of Jazz Performance at JMI (Jazz Music Institute).

John has toured and played guitar with some memorable names during previous Australian tours with Del Shannon and The Platters, shared the same stage as Splitz Ends as the crowd warm up band. 

John has featured with bands recently inclusive off blues the band Duck for Cover and Jazz quartet Ain’t Behavin’, and Mango Big Band before joining theBlueShamrocks.

Steve Henderson


Steve’s influences range from 1930’s French Swing to contemporary classics.

Serving his apprenticeship as a guitarist in Ireland, Steve enjoyed playing in Showbands, Country, Pop and Rock bands.

Steve has been a member of a Celtic Cultural Orchestra in Brisbane since the early ‘90’s and appreciates the therapeutic aspect of playing with other musicians.

Steve enjoys a Maton 808 Cutaway guitar, AERAmplification and Elixir strings.

Jeremy Dwyer

Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Jeremy's musical influences range from 1950's to 2000's and include Blues, Rock and Roll, Rock, Country, and all styles of music containing guitars.

Jeremy has performed for several years in Queensland with a number of quality duo's/groups and later on original songs from ballads to hard rockers.

Jeremy play's rhythm and lead guitar, acoustic and slide.

Jeremy has travelled and performed around SEQ and regional Qld in hotels, clubs, private and corporate events.

Quiana Morgan


Quiana started learning the piano at age 4, and violin at age 5. Quiana's professional violin mentors include, Christa Powell, Andrea Messenger, and the late John Curro, founder of the Queensland Youth Orchestra.

Quiana has performed with many professional orchestras such as Deep Blue, Queensland, Pop Orchestra, String Source, including the Queensland Youth Orchestra for 8 years. Quiana works as head of strings at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and Sacred Heart Primary School, plus as a violin teacher at Souly Strings and has her own home studio. 

Quiana brings a vibrancy to the music she plays, and when not playing Quiana enjoys rock climbing and fostering rescue puppies.

Lani Wagner


Bringing passion and inspiration to every performance, Lani's ability to evoke emotion within an audience is only matched by her breathtaking vocal range. From an early age, Lani discovered her love for singing and has spent her life in pursuit of her musical dreams, including educating others and sharing the gift of music. 
Currently, Lani is pursuing her Masters of Music Degree in Pedagogy at Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium, and honing her art as a singing teacher, songwriter and performer. Lani is available for private singing lessons at her music studio in Brisbane's West End.
                                                                                Lani released her debut EP Fallen From Grace in February 2018 and has since toured the East Coast of Australia. Fallen From Grace has since featured on ArtSound FM (ACT), QBN FM (NSW), and Joy FM (VIC), with a spread in the Newcastle Herald and as Editor’s Choice in BMA Magazine.
                                                                                Lani spent a semester abroad in the latter part of 2018 at Indiana University. While in the US, Lani was under the guidance of renowned musicians including Walter Smith III & Dr Kenneth Brian Edmonds (aka Babyface). Lani also performed with the IU Soul Revue and Latin Jazz Ensemble. Keep an eye out for her next album to be released very soon!

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