Gypsy Time

the Blue Shamrocks

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Buoyant and joyous, that’s theBlueShamrocks ‘Gypsy Time’.

Brisbane 6 pieced band theBlueShamrocks after their charting release single Through the Years in September 2020, have released their 2nd original single Gypsy Time, a country music track with mythical connotations that combines the art of a fun jive style country beat. The new song is taken from their forthcoming album NTSH – Nothin’ To See Here which is due out soon and follows on from their 2017 album – TTT Tap Those Toes. Gypsy Time is essentially a mythical song based on a dream time, that explores self-imaginative dreamy themes of song and dance. As the band have said about the subject matter of the song: “The lyrics were written with the thought of people who have an imaginative vision within the realm of time and space with thoughts and vision, within one’s own time of self-relaxation” Within the song’s lyrics, the track offers a buoyant and joyous celebration, of music and dance, which leads to excellent musicianship from the various skilled musicians who deliver the vibrance to this excellent tune. Lead vocalist Sam McCaughey sounds as if he means every word, and that infuses the music with a wistful, spirited edge The message within the song is to conjure a fantasy for a short time, which doesn’t get in the way of telling a complex tale with a simplicity that’s as endearing as it is tangible. A country beat formula ensues, with appt opportunity for jive dancing, but it’s the kind of song that requires one to hear a little more. One imagines hearing the tune in an outdoor festival setting, or sitting back in relaxation drifting off with memories of the simplicity of life. with sentimentality and honest abandon. theBlueShamrocks Band features ageless musical performances, including brilliant evocative violin passages and a toe tapping rhythmic groove, Gypsy Time leaves you with a good feeling, one that reflects the openness of this acute life. Produced by Brisbane producer James North Gypsy Time, with its unmistakeable universal appeal, is a sort of upbeat sound that feels charming and robust when set against today’s various music styles.

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