From the recording Through The Years

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Through the Years is a song that will resonate with many, utilising a poignant subject matter and marrying that to powerful emotionally-charged melodies and a seductively, joyous classic feel. Exploring themes of family and bloodlines and the lasting connections that span geographies and time, Through the Years, is sprinkled with optimism and generosity, a track that’s sure to attract many discerning music lovers.

Primarily adopting a waltz feel, Through the Years nonetheless feels amazingly fresh, apt and vital, despite its nod to old school genre. As the band has said about the subject matter of the song: ‘The lyrics were written with the thought of people who live in Australia and those who migrate to Australia, who move around this vast country to achieve a “better” life, where making family reunions at times is difficult, for the good or bad times in life.


Verse 2 -
Our friends and neighbours from when we were young.
Are who they are, where we all had fun
As we travel through life, we won't forget
Our friends and neighbours from way back then

It’s a family affair to know when and where.
to meet for times, the good and the bad
For a family who can't, and a family who can.
The thoughts and the memories will always be there

The years go past, and we all mature.
Our mothers guidance is no longer heard
Fathers words of wisdom, gone but they linger
Made us who we are for the years that are left.